Former Pro-Athlete Reviews Teaching Bullies

on August 8, 2015

♥…as a former Professional Athlete, who played Baseball @Ucla, and had the Privilege of being mentored by Coach Wooden (*Ahem* Who won 10 National Championships, with only Love, Discipline, & Kindness), it hurts my Heart that young people are the recipients of emotional & physical violence, at the hands of those who have SO much influence & leverage over their Academic & Athletic careers!

What Doctor Fraser lays out in ‘Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance On The Court’ is an amazing story of what happened to 14 Brave young Souls, who had the courage to (like Apple says) “Challenge The Status Quo”. She explains the particulars, and delves into the Psyche of the Athletes, of the Parents, of the Institutions (who collectively contribute to the culture), and even the Authors of violence, themselves!

If you’re the recipient of perpetual hazing (aka bullying), you need this book! If you’re the Parent of a child in that situation, you need this book! If you’re a new Parent who wants the best for their Children, you need this book, and if you’re an Author of violence that wants a way out, you also need this book! Thank You Doctor Fraser for illustrating the challenges we face, sharing your personal story, offering Compassion, and delving into policy adaptations to address the issue of ‘Teaching Bullies’. May we all learn to #BeKindAndListen


About Jennifer Fraser PhD

I am an author and educator. My latest book Teaching Bullies tells the story of 14 students who came forward to report on the verbal, emotional and some physical abuse at the hands of their teachers. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers, and educational authorities is cause for alarm. The story is grounded in psychological, psychiatric, neuroscientific and sports journalism. It is a call to action for all those who want to protect children from bullying especially when it's done by teachers and coaches.
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