Olympian reviews Teaching Bullies

“Teaching Bullies” is absolutely invaluable as a resource for high school and college sport.

“Teaching Bullies” is written for high school athletes, their coaches and their parents – and to some degree, for school administrators. A teacher/coach who is a bully will easily recognize themselves in this. After reading this, no “teaching bully” should rest comfortably on his/her laurels. “Teaching bullies” underlines the power that some coaches use to produce winning outcomes but in ways that sacrifice the health and well-being of athletes. It is a also a must read for athletes whose coaches make them feel badly, make them do things against their will, or cajole and coerce them into distasteful or harmful practices. “If it makes you feel badly, then it is harmful”. They will see that they are not alone, that they DO have choices, that there are resources to help them, and that they deserve better from sport Jennifer Fraser is a courageous parent who has taken not only an interest in her own child’s safety in sport, but in all children who might experience abuse in sport at the hands of ‘Teaching bullies”. Her advocacy led to actions within her son’s school and subsequently to this book, a testimony to the 14 young athletes who told their stories. This is a comprehensive account, based in current sport research, that will be extraordinarily useful to others in danger of following the same path (athletes and coaches alike). The promise of sport is that it is a welcoming and safe place for all participants. This book will help us all to get there.”

Sandra Kirby, PhD
Professor Emerita
University of Winnipeg


About Jennifer Fraser PhD

I am an author and educator. My latest book Teaching Bullies tells the story of 14 students who came forward to report on the verbal, emotional and some physical abuse at the hands of their teachers. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers, and educational authorities is cause for alarm. The story is grounded in psychological, psychiatric, neuroscientific and sports journalism. It is a call to action for all those who want to protect children from bullying especially when it's done by teachers and coaches.
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