Review by author of Bravery, Bullies & Blowhards

on November 22, 2015


Teaching Bullies Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom chronicles 14 teen lives as they maneuver their way through the arduous grievance process set by schools and courts. Jennifer Fraser Ph.D. shows the emotional effects abusive coaching/teaching has on a young mind.
She clearly demonstrates through documentation and testimony how some student athletes perceive their coaches as “God like” and the dangers of such a mindset.
The emotional effects abusive coaches have on athletes are likened to the abusive effects a child experiences growing up in a violent household.
The ball players in Teaching Bullies, much like a child living in a violent home, fall prey to depression, embarrassment, and worry, to name a few. The social effects are much like an individual that experiences workplace abuse/bullying are, but not limited to; isolation, low self-esteem, withdrawal, and trust. Although the 14 athletes are subjected to such abuses and ostracized for taking a stand they muster the courage it takes and should be role models.
Everyone deserves the right to feel safe and be treated with respect in our schools whether in the classroom or on the court. Jennifer’s book is a must read for anyone that cares about the education system.

About Jennifer Fraser PhD

I am an author and educator. My latest book Teaching Bullies tells the story of 14 students who came forward to report on the verbal, emotional and some physical abuse at the hands of their teachers. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers, and educational authorities is cause for alarm. The story is grounded in psychological, psychiatric, neuroscientific and sports journalism. It is a call to action for all those who want to protect children from bullying especially when it's done by teachers and coaches.
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