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PictureDr. Jennifer Fraser

Prep school professor in British Columbia Dr. Jennifer Fraser, author of the book Teaching Bullies, joins us today to discuss the prevalence of bullying in athletics, especially with high school athletes.  Her book Teaching Bullies goes into deep detail about how her son and his teammates were bullied by specific coaches when he was playing high school basketball.

Our conversation was powerful and emotional, and it brought back a lot of memories for me.  We didn’t just blame people, we talked at a high level about the psychology behind bullying, why it happens, and why nothing is done about it.  One of the most powerful moments came when we talked about why nothing is done, and we came to the conclusion that the administrators who know what is going on don’t want to lose their jobs at the school or put their necks out for these kids.  It’s shocking and illuminating, but just the nature of athletics we now live in.

Dr. Fraser also wants there to be laws around emotional abuse, and rules for how coaches can get training, but also how they can lose their jobs if horrible behavior continues.  Overall, an amazing and intense discussion.

To learn more about athletes and bullying, and to check out her book, go to Dr. Jennifer Fraser’s website at To hear the interview:


About Jennifer Fraser PhD

I am an author and educator. My latest book Teaching Bullies tells the story of 14 students who came forward to report on the verbal, emotional and some physical abuse at the hands of their teachers. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers, and educational authorities is cause for alarm. The story is grounded in psychological, psychiatric, neuroscientific and sports journalism. It is a call to action for all those who want to protect children from bullying especially when it's done by teachers and coaches.
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